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Eagle Mine Launches Community Survey with a Focus on Economic Impact, Social Investment

Local Voices is back with a 'pulse' survey! In this 5-minute, confidential online survey, we want to understand how you feel about the benefits and impacts of living near Eagle Mine. These include things like economic impacts, local procurement, and social investment. Every completed survey unlocks $5 in donations for the local community group of your choice.

Eagle Mine will use the survey results to help inform decision-making and plan for the future - so make sure your voice is heard!

About Local Voices

Voconiq Local Voices project aims to improve engagement between Eagle Mine and your community by increasing understanding and generating better relationships and outcomes. Eagle Mine has committed to using community insights in its decision-making, and while we may not be able to solve every issue raised, we will be better informed on the things that matter most to the local community. So have your say about what’s important to you, and your community can benefit from our rewards program.


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