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Surface Operator

Position: Temporary Surface Operator

Location: Eagle Mine, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

General Description:

The Temporary Surface Operator is responsible preparing mine surface for the upcoming winter 
utilizing large and small equipment to do so.


•  Operate heavy equipment such as CAT tele-handler, skid steer, water truck, ect.
•  Set-up, organize, and document surface stockpiles of pipe, ground support, and utility 
•  Perform site clean up activities in preparation for winter.
•  Set up office spaces with office furniture.
•  Various earth work activities using a skid steer.
•  Cleaning and performing minor maintenance.
•  Other duties as assigned.


•  Heavy equipment operating experience required
•  Experience with Microsoft suite desirable
•  Valid US driver’s license

Key Personal Competencies:

•  Action Oriented - Initiates timely action to address important issues.
•  Collaborates - Encourages unity rather than us vs. them thinking
•  Communicates Effectively - Clear, concise, and professional in communication.
•  Decision Quality - Considers various inputs, criteria, and trade-offs to arrive at effective 
   decisions and recommendations.
•  Ensures accountability - Follows through on commitments.
•  Manages Ambiguity - Accepts needed change despite the uncertainty it brings.

HSEC Accountabilities:

Everyone in the workplace is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of their 
co-workers. Employees are responsible for performing all tasks in accordance with relevant HSEC 
Site Procedures, so as to work safely and keep the workplace safe. Lundin Mining Company is 
responsible for determining steps required to ensure health and safety of all employees, protection 
of the environment, and the community. Specifically, all employees must:

•  Accept personal responsibility for HSEC
•  Identify hazards, unsafe actions, and conditions that could result in damage to property, 
   injury, impacts to the environment, and the community
•  Obey any instruction issued to protect their own personal health and safety, and the health and 
   safety of others, protection of the environment and the community.
•  Report, as soon as practicable to their Manager any situations where HSEC requirements are not 
   being conformed to within their work area
•  Avoid endangerment to any other person through any act or omission
•  Only use equipment you are trained to use and operate the equipment in a way that is safe, 
   protects the environment and doesn’t cause undue community impacts.
•  Participate in HSEC training provided to them
•  Report all incidents; including but not limited to injuries, near miss, community interactions 
   and impacts, environmental impacts, spills, unsafe work practices, etc.


To apply, or to find out more about this role please submit your resume, referencing “Temporary Surface Operator” to

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