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Eagle Mine Local Voices Survey Now Open

We are inviting local community members to participate in a new engagement program we recently launched. The Local Voices program, delivered by engagement science specialists, Voconiq, is designed to provide the local community an opportunity to confidentially express views and experiences with us via a series of ongoing online surveys.

The first survey, known as the 'anchor' survey, is now open. The 'anchor' survey seeks to understand how the community feels about a range of topics, including the impacts and benefits associated with our operations, the effectiveness of our community investment programs, and the nature of the relationship between community members and our operations.

Following the initial 'anchor' survey, brief, five-minute 'pulse' surveys will be conducted every quarter to track key issues identified in the initial 'anchor' survey and allow us to see how things change for communities over time.

Meagen Morrison, Social Responsibility Advisor at Eagle Mine, said the community's insights are instrumental as they help shape the operations plans.

"The Local Voices program will allow us to understand local views better and to help build trust through actions. We have committed to using the community insights from the Local Voices project in our decision-making," said Morrison. "While we may not be able to solve every issue raised, the results from the surveys will ensure we are better informed on the things that matter most to our local communities."

To acknowledge and thank community members for their time contribution, participation in the Local Voices survey series is linked to community rewards. Take the Local Voices Survey.

"For every survey completed, community members can assign e-tokens to not-for-profit groups that will accrue over time. These may be cashed in for a donation by these groups," said Morrison.

Every eligible individual who registers and completes the 'anchor' survey gets 20 e-tokens, worth $10. Then for every 'pulse' survey, participants will receive ten e-tokens worth $5.

To participate in the survey or to register your not-for-profit group for rewards, go to


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