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Eagle Mine discusses exploration plan for Western Upper Peninsula

Around 70 people attended our open house in L'Anse.

On Thursday, May 30, we held two Open Houses in L’Anse and Covington to discuss with local community members our exploration plans in the Western Upper Peninsula. Both open houses had a large turnout, with 70 people at L’Anse, and 83 people in Covington. Overall, several in attendance were supportive of our exploration plan, and many great questions were asked.

Around 83 people attended our Open House in Covington.

At the Open Houses, we gave a brief overview of Eagle Mine and the Humboldt Mill and explained the exploration process, and what our current plans are for the first drill site in Sidnaw and our future drilling sites. The message everyone left with is the following:

Eagle currently has several individual drill pads that are part of an approved Exploration Plan with the State of Michigan for exploration of its minerals. These pads cover several different anomalies identified by the aerial magnetic survey that was completed last year. The drilling is being done to determine if these anomalies have the potential to host mineralization and if so if it could host economic levels of nickel and copper mineralization. Our first drill site is in Sidnaw and we plan to move to various drill sites in the Western UP over the course of a year.

There were several questions regarding exploration such as noise levels of the drill rigs for nearby camp owners and if drilling impact aquifers. In addition, we answered many questions regarding tailings water management, taxes, environmental performance, community engagement and communication, local hire, closure, reclamation, and sustainability.

A few of our employees also stopped by the first drill site in Sidnaw, which is being prepped and prepared for a drill rig to arrive soon.

Our first drill site being prepped in Sidnaw.

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